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 **We have 4 dates available this summer for final repairs of any permanent bracelets that have been purchased at Wright J&D Co. Please contact us for availability. Also, do you have a gift card that was purchased with the intent of getting a permanent bracelet? Please contact us privately! We are giving 100% of your gift card back to you. ** 

Like many great things (& eras), our time offering Permanent Jewelry at the Foreverlink Bracelet Bar has come to an end. 

 Being completely transparent with you all, here are a few reasons why we made this call:


 1. When we opened the Bracelet Bar, our intent was to solely sell 14k Gold chains. Silver is soft and doesn’t hold up great long term, Gold plated color wears off, and being a fine jeweler, Gold was the way we wanted to go! 


 2. With that being said, our goal as a business is to provide you with quality at a price that warrants that quality. The Gold market is only going up at this time. Bracelets that we were once able to start at $99 are now starting at $169! Our costs increase, therefore, we need to increase the price of them. 


 3. Other places are offering them! When we jumped on the opportunity for permanent jewelry, we were the only one in the area offering it. We had folks drive to us from CT, NY, and Maine!! With other spots opening up, the excitement of it all has changed. 

Thank you to all of our clients who visited us at the Bracelet Bar and got a Permanent piece. In business we try new things and sometimes they stick while sometimes they are temporary. 


 There are many VERY exciting chapters coming to Wright J&D Co that we can’t wait to share with you. Stay tuned for the next! 

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