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Custom Jewelry Design


Custom jewelry is as special as it gets. Satisfying the style and personality of an individual, Custom jewelry has a long-standing tradition and allows someone to dictate each detail and then rely on jeweler to bring the concept to life. More often than not, these adored treasures are passed on to future generations.

Wright Jewelry & Design Co. was founded with a belief that the experience of creating custom jewelry can be more interactive, inclusive and personalized. When you begin this process with our company, we make it a true “experience”. We pay close attention to what is important to you, your style and even the wear-ability of the item in your everyday life. It isn't just about making you a beautiful piece of jewelry, it is about creating jewelry that stands the test of time.

Any jewelry store can custom make jewelry. Typically, this includes CAD (Computer Aided Design) images being developed and even perhaps a wax mold made to “mock” what the finished product will look like. However, none of this work is completed in front of you, with your direct input and an ability to get a real sense of the finished piece before you “give the go” to begin the process. Our Custom Experience is simply better and unlike anything else in our region.

We begin by welcoming you into our store, a modern yet comfortable environment, with a “no pressure” atmosphere. From there, you will sit down with our designer and discuss what you are looking to create.  Through conversation and determining your taste,  he will get a good idea for your style. Feel free to share any photos of styles that you’ve seen and like. (Pinterest, Instagram & Google are great places to look!) Don’t know where to begin? No worries! We have a catalog of hundreds of models and pieces that we can work with.

Wright Jewelry & Design Co. uses state-of-the-art software to bring jewelry to life in high definition 3D computer modeling. Take home a realistic photo or “rendering” of what the piece will look like. From there, you and the designer will discuss next steps deemed necessary to complete your one-of-a-kind creation!

Our in-person interactive design experience puts you at the forefront of being sure you will love what we create, together, letting you be directly involved with the process!

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